Team Alexander Fundraising for Punto Cero

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to cancel our February 2022 Mission Trip to Juarez but with the help of the Missions Ministries staff we have come up with an alternative! I asked what the greatest need was in the colonias, where our team could participate in a "Virtual" trip.

Jesus Baca's son was diagnosed at age 16 with schizophrenic bipolar depression. Jesus and his family could not find a place for his son to go as all facilities were full. That is when Jesus decided to open a facility to help others. Three years ago, Jesus was finally able to purchase a piece of land and began the tedious job of getting the proper paperwork completed to open a facility. Last year, with the pandemic in full swing, many families that cared for their disabled family members were unable to do so after being let go of their jobs. Many wandered the streets of the colonias and the need became more immediate. That is when Missions Ministries partnered with Jesus, and a Missions Ministries team funded the construction of Punto Cero, a 24x32 ft building, with some of the new residents helping Missions Ministries staff in the construction. The building was immediately filled with 60 residents. Residents come from the community, hospitals, social services and the police. Only 10 of the current residents have family members that are able to help them. The residents are in a safe place, fed and cared for. Community volunteers from the churches brought sandwiches and food to feed the residents, but a couple of months ago a Missions Ministries team funded a fully functioning kitchen. Now volunteers can cook warm and nutritious meals.

Although Punto Cero houses 60 residents, it has only 2 latrines. Missions Ministries staff is prepared to build them a proper bathroom with showers. This opens up an opportunity for our team to give dignity to the life of those who cannot advocate for themselves. It will be a huge endeavor for us as a team and for Missions Ministries, but not too big for our God. My prayer is that we can raise the $20,000.00 to complete this project by February 15, 2022. As many of you know our team members have raised $24,000.00+ for each mission trip since 2009 so I know it is something that our team can accomplish. My prayer is that we can raise the $24K which would also enable us to pay for utilities at Bethel Orphanage for a year!

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